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XGEN Technologies Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian Based Company comprising of talented individuals who are readily available to assist Individuals, Companies, Corporations and Organisations of any size to achieve value added "On-line" presence. XGEN Technologies has gathered vast experience since commencing business in 1998, which allows for continued growth and implementation of new innovative methodologies that give our valued customers a leading advantage over their competitors.

We are an established business entity specialising in cost effective web development, hosting, advertising and promotions for both personal(non-profit) and commercial accounts. We are currently embarking on a promotional campaign to promote and enlighten any interested parties about hi-tech advertising on the World Wide Web. This is also to answer our Prime Minister's call to promote computer literacy among the general public, and the forthcoming efforts to continue establishing the Multimedia Super Corridor and the e-commerce in Malaysia.

Apart from our local presence in Malaysia, we also boast a Foreign Based office in Calgary, Alberta, Canada under Pacific Computing Solutions. Our Canadian Office is focused on C++, Java & OOP Technologies, Network Setup & Cabling, Internet Connection & Security, Developing customized software packages, Petroleum Engineering & Hydrogeology, Numerical Analysis, Web Development & Publishing, GUI, Automation & Customization and a host of other services catering to the Canadian & United States industry.

Our work is not solely based on the INTERNET alone. We also offer IT Consultation Services to assist businesses and individuals who wish achieve better productivity in their daily activities. Please look through our offerings under our Products and Services Section to find out how XGEN Technologies can help you maximise your online presence.

~ Constantly Morphing to Market & Technological Advancements ~

Our Motto
Our Vision
Our Mission
Bringing the "NET" to the people and the people to the "NET"

To be the best Malaysian IT company in our current fields and affairs
To achieve our Vision by providing our customers with the right technology to meet their business challenges through innovative products and quality services

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