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E-mail Set Up Procedures
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Q: What is a POP3 E-mail account?
POP3 (Post Office Protocol-version 3) E-mail boxes are mailboxes on XGENTECH Web Servers which will hold E-mail addressed to your domain, such as You@Yourdomain.Com, Sales@Yourdomain.Com, etc. 
You can retrieve and send your E-mail by using an E-mail program or Web browser program (such as Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator etc.) from your personal computer. Or you may also retrieve your E-mail via Web page - which gives you Web access to your E-mail from any computer in the world with Internet access.

Q: How do I setup my E-mail client for my E-mail Accounts?
A: Instruction to setup Outlook Express 5.0 mail client.
Instruction to setup Eudora 3.0 mail client.
Instruction to setup Netscape 4.6 mail client.

Q: What does "E-mail forwarding" mean?
Email forwarding means having message sent to your POP account to be forwarded to your other E-mail box on your ISP or office network. Some clients find this convenient -- to log into one single E-mail account to retrieve and send E-mail.

Q: What is "E-mail aliasing"?
Aliases are a way of making one email account seem like many. This is called "unlimited aliasing". Suppose you are in charge of billing and marketing. Instead of making two individual accounts to handle these emails, you would make one account named You@Yourdomain.Com which is a valid POP account, at which you can send and receive mail.. Next you would apply Billing, and Marketing as aliases of the You@Yourdomain.Com account. With this setup, mail sent to any of the 3 above mentioned email accounts (Billing@Yourdomain.Com, Marketing@Yourdomain.Com and You@Yourdomain.Com) will all be sent to the mailbox of You@Yourdomain.Com.
Q: How do I send an automated response to incoming E-mail?
Autoresponders are messages that are automatically sent to anyone who sends an E-mail to your preset E-mail address. If you are out of office for a week, is a good idea to set the autoresponders to help you to reply to any E-mail received during this period -- informing that you would contact them in a later date.

What do I do if I cannot check for new e-mail on a certain POP3 account?
You first need to determine whether you can even connect to the POP3 server, or if you can connect to the POP3 server but can't login to the POP3 account successfully. Use the guideline below to troubleshoot your particular case.

If you can connect to the POP3 server but receive errors...
Make sure you are entering your login and password correctly! This is the most common problem.
Make sure you are connecting to the correct POP3 server (Mail.Yourdomain.Com).
If you can't connect to the POP3 server...
Make sure you first have a connection to the Internet. Verify this by visiting a website.
Make sure your e-mail client is configured properly. This does not apply if you have checked for new e-mail before and have not changed your configurations since.
Verify that you are not behind a firewall! If you are at work, this should be your first clue. If you find that you are behind a firewall, verify with the network administrator that port 110 is allowed. If it is not, this is the reason you cannot connect to the POP3 server.


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