Email Broadcasting

What is E-Mail Broadcasting?
XGEN E-Mail broadcasting is the delivery of information to several locations or computer stations simultaneously via the Internet. This is not spamming. XGEN Technologies Sdn Bhd can use your list of E-Mail addresses, or we can furnish you with a list of E-Mail addresses that is appropriate for your message. XGEN E-Mail broadcasting is one of the most economical method of sending information to your clients, prospects, employees, or members in an instantaneous time frame.

Fast & Prompt Service
At XGEN Technologies Sdn Bhd, we understand the technology of email communications. Our servers and in-house developed E-mail Broadcasting Software are designed to get your e-messages out faster, easier and more completely, every time. Just provide us your database and your message, and we'll do the rest - instantaneously. In email broadcasting as in fax broadcasting, time spent sending is time you pay for. Our speed also counts in making your e-message arrive first: the faster you e-communicate, the more likely you'll beat out your competitor's message.

Attention Grabbing Messages
In email just as in everything, looks count. Why just send an all-text email message when you can impress recipients with pictures? Sending all-text emails can be a big, awkward e-bore. XGEN Technologies allows not on the sending all-text messages, our system also lets you send HTML emails. Send a webpage - send photos and graphics to show them what your products and services look and feel like - use your imagination to capture your market through the mail.

Personalized E-mails
The more personalized your email, the better your e-response rates. We let you can send merged-text email or HTML email, so you can direct your message to your every reader. Each mail can be personalized with the recipient's name (if any) or even perhaps his/her email address & other features. We can help you achieve this by customizing to your needs.

Database Protection Privacy Policy
All E-Mail databases provided by clients under our care are used on for each respective owner's needs only. Our strict company policy denies the usage of your databases by other customers which means you do not have to worry about competitors being able to tap onto your list of customers and pull away your sales.

E-Management & Reporting (More Info)
XGEN E-Mail broadcasting has the e-mail management capabilities that make you more efficient. We handle Database Removes (auto-unsubscribes) to clean unwanted names and avoid re-emailing to those who won't be receptive to your message. And we handle E-response Management, forwarding the info you specify to those who respond for more details on your email offers.

Contact us now and let us help you create your next e-mail success story.

Email Broadcasting
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