Email Broadcasting - Privacy Policy

For the Recipients
On all our broadcasts we provide recipients with methods of removal & unsubscribing themselves from our list as well as our Clients' database lists. All unsubscribe requests are honoured without questions asked. All unsubscribe functions are automated, immediate and done online via the web browser to our unsubscribe section. Email Unsubscribe requests, though not recommended, are also taken into consideration when bulk processing.

For our Clients
Identification of one client to another is given only when consent is provided. Each of our clients execute confidential agreements that protect both our and more importantly, our client's business, as they obviously do not wish to share their strategies with the opposition. All database lists provided by each client is held with strictest confidentiality and will not be released to any third party without prior conscent obtained from the owner client.

For Ourselves
We pride ourselves on our policy in protecting our broadcast recipientsí & clients' privacy. We do not breach any privacy laws in Malaysia or Internationally, rather we endorse them. In line with legislation we do not pass on any information to a third party, that can result in any individual being identified, without the consent of the individual or unless legally obligated.

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Email Broadcasting
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