Email Broadcasting - The Process

Getting Marketing Materials

Are special Offers needed ? Well that really depends on your requirements!

The success of any email broadcast will always be dependent on the value of your offer. We can deliver your message wherever you want it to go but the response will be based on the effectiveness of your own marketing. We have found that what works for our client in other strategies, TV, Newspapers, Letter Drops etc, are just as effective through email broadcasting. This means that you are probably already in possession of appropriate material. If you have online facilities we can direct prospects to a specific page (Special Promotions) on your web site and they can move around your site from there. If the "special" does not excite them maybe something else on your site will. If you have current brochures, leaflets, vouchers etc, these can be simply scanned and emailed to us and we will do the rest. This also applies to new material developed by your marketers. Just send the materials to us.

We are not trying to replace your marketing department we are just the messengers, however we can assist in all aspects of preparation for your broadcast.

Ok. I got my materials. What's next?

Once we have your marketing materials at hand, the next step would be to determine your target recipients. This can be done by providing us with the database of emails under your care, or you could be using our database to target your broadcast to. Whatever it is, we will be able to locate a target market for your broadcast for you to present your marketing material to.

Once we have the materials and also the target list, we will immediately commence the broadcasting service. We are able to monitor the progress of mails being sent and we will inform you of the status of the broadcast once the entire process is completed.

Thereafter depending on your needs, we will be able to generate a report for you to inform you of the amount of bounce mails as well as provide you with a list of addresses which have been bounced. This applies only to database lists provided by clients and not to lists provided by us.

In Summary, only the following things will need to be done to carry out an email campaign successfully:

  • Acquire & Compiling Marketing & Mail Broadcast Materials
  • Personalised Client Account set up by our Technical Team
  • Setting Up for pre-determined mailing list
  • Test mailings before official broadcast
  • Email Broadcast
  • Final Reporting

Contact us now and let us help you create your next e-mail success story.

Email Broadcasting
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