Email Broadcasting
Tracking & Reporting

XGEN Sendtrack will allow you to find out how many messages are bounced back during each mailing and also find out the reasons why messages are bounced back which can be:
  • Invalid Domain Name
  • Invalid Address
  • Inactive Accounts
  • Invalid Access (not on Public Address Book)
  • OVer or Excess Quota
  • Unknown Users
  • Etc...

With such information, you will be able to see how many messages are sent successfully to your target list. Additionally, it will provide you with a decision making tool as to whether to include such bounced email addresses in future mailings. This not only saves costs but also helps keep your list up-to-date with a high penetration rate.

XGEN ClickTrack will allow you to build custom links that can:
  • Count the number of readers who clicked on the link
  • Tell you exactly "who" clicked on the link (by building a new list of all of the "clickers")
  • Direct the "clicker" to a page on the web

XGEN E-Mail Broadcasting will create all of the back-end programming and will give you the URL to place in any of your mailings. Once you create a ClickTrack script, you'll be able to use it over and over again in any or all of your mailings.

ClickTrack can be a very powerful tool. For example: You send out a mailing to your 5,000 subscribers on your Newsletter list. The message tells them about a new product you found that you think they should check out - maybe you're an Affiliate for this product, or running it as an advertisement. By sending your visitors through a ClickTrack Link - you'll:

  • ...know who clicked on the link. You can build a new list of those that clicked on it and follow up with them with more information about the product. The more you follow-up, the more likely they'll be to buy. Even if only 1 subscriber clicks on the link - Opt-In Pro will automatically follow-up with him to turn him into a referral that you'll earn a commission on.
  • able to track the effectiveness of your ad. Send one ad to one group and a different ad to a different group - then check to see which add got the clicks.
  • Be able to instantly send a special "Limited-time" offer on the product to everyone who clicked on the link - and ONLY those that clicked on the link. Talk about a targeted offer!
  • ...have information to give back to your paid advertiser. Tell her how many people clicked on her link. Plus, you can sell her "follow-up" placements along with her ad purchase - Opt-In Pro will follow up with your readers automatically, while you earn extra advertising revenues!

XGEN MailTrack offers you the ability to track who actually OPENED your message.

MailTrack works a lot like ClickTrack - except, the reader doesn't have to click on anything, all they have to do is open your message. When the message is opened, MailTrack can do many of the things that ClickTrack can like:

  • Count the number of readers who opened the message
  • Tell you exactly "who" opened the message (by building a new list from those who opened the message)

XGEN MailTrack can help you:

  • ...determine who is reading your messages. Create a new list of subscribers by moving everyone who opens your newsletter to a "Newsletter Reader" list. Use this list to test new products, ads, strategies and special offers. You'll know that your efforts on this list won't be wasted, because the subscribers are actually opening your messages.
  • Tell you exactly "who" opened the message (by building a new list from those who opened the message)
  • ...count the number of subscribers that are reading your messages. This will give you exact numbers to offer to your advertisers so they can accurately estimate their click-through and sell-through projections.

MailTrack works by loading an image in the message. This can be a clear image or a full graphic. Since image loading is required, messages containing MailTrack must be sent in HTML format.

Email Broadcasting
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