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XGENTECH.COM offers a variety of web hosting solutions. Each solution has been crafted around the needs of specific types of clients. Please browse through our different packages available and feel free to contact our representatives with any questions or concerns you may have.

Our affordable Web Hosting packages are specially catered to companies or individuals who :

  • want professional looking e-mail addresses using the Domain Name of their choice (eg. instead of or
  • want a web presence on the internet at affordable & competitive prices... or
  • basically want a website on the internet which performs like Industrial Grade Servers at only a fraction of the normal cost along with the choice and flexibility of creating unlimited POP e-mail accounts.
All-in-all, these servers are recommended because we here at XGEN Technologies believe that this is all your company will ever need to create an impressive online presence. For high end server requirements with added features, kindly contact us directly.

Guaranteed Fast & Speedy Connections and Maximum Uptime
The redundancy built into our network insures that your connectivity will be at a rate of over 99.9%. Our high performance network connectivity is fast, reliable and scalable. It combines key components that are critical to the operation of a state-of-the-art Internet service: a high capacity national backbone, a 24 hour Network Operations Center (NOC) and superior engineering support services.

Power Servers
Guaranteed Fast & Speedy Connections and Maximum Uptime
Customer Web sites are hosted on multi-processor servers for unmatched speed and reliability. Each server is loaded with 256 to 512 MB of RAM, fast speed hard drives and networked together with CISCO Switches. These powerful setup will provide the highest level of speed, redundancy and data protection available.

Other features bundled with the new Linux hosting plans include:

  • Intuitive interfaced site control panel
  • Custom skins creation
  • Web based file manager with browser based upload download capabilities
  • Web based html editor
  • Customisable error page
  • Browser raw file log access
  • Control panel for E-Mail administration
  • MySQL Database Support
  • PHPMyAdmin for MySQL database administration
  • WAP Support
  • XML Support
  • Own CGI-BIN
  • Perl 5.8.0 Support
  • Phyton
  • MS Frontpage 2002 Extension
  • PHP 4.3.3 Support
  • Image Magik
  • Zend Optimizer Support
  • Password protected folder
  • SSL secure folder
  • Server Side Includes, SSI
  • Daily, Weekly & Monthly Web Statistics reporting


This solution offers reliable, high performance and our lowest cost web hosting package. This option is designed for low end, small and medium sized businesses which do not require as much space or database (DSN) power as our Basic Hosting Package.

Basic Web Hosting BASIC HOSTING
This solution offers reliable, high performance and low cost web hosting. This option is designed for small and medium sized businesses.

Premium Web Hosting PREMIUM HOSTING
The Premium package is developed for complex users. You get the benefits of the dedicated server at a reduced cost.

Application Web Hosting APPLICATION HOSTING
This service are designed to meet the demanding need of powerful database applications.

Email Web Hosting E-MAIL HOSTING
E-mail hosting objective to allow business to enjoy corporate status where corporate identity will be identified via corporate e-mail address

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E-mail (5GB)

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