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Banner ads can put your company's product or message in the spotlight for thousands of people to see which, done right, can lead to significant spikes in traffic to your Web store.

With little expense or effort, you can create banners that convey your company's message and branding, and quickly post them on sites trafficked by potential customers. You can even track which sites most of your visitors come from, so you know where to focus your advertising next time.

Here are five benefits your business can reap through effective banner advertising:

  1. Stretches your ad budget. In general, banner ads cost less to create and place than other forms of advertising, including television and print ads, radio spots, and direct mail. In addition, they often deliver a more targeted audience than these ad forms. Affordable banner solutions such as those from XGEN Technologies which offers you more than 100000 banner ads each month, along with the tools to help target these ads effectively can help businesses realize even greater savings.

  2. Strategically gets your name where you want it. New Web sites can build strong traffic by strategically placing banner ads on sites that relate to their offerings (E.g - Your Malaysian Portal). For example, a hat vendor can place ads on fashion sites, or an office supply retailer can advertise on business sites. Online ads offer an advantage over announcements in traditional print, direct mail, and television ads they give users immediate satisfaction by allowing them to click to your store right away to learn more about your business.

  3. Generates qualified sales leads. If someone clicks on your banner, there's a good chance he or she is interested in your offering. This means banners tend to deliver highly targeted sales leads. Even ads with low response rates can be very effective if most respondents end up making a purchase.

  4. Establishes your brand. By using the same look and feel for your banners that you use for the rest of your business collateral, you can use these ads to reinforce your company's image to customers. Even if they don't click on the banner, they are exposed to your message, logo, and company image. Consistently applying company colors, trademarks, and product names in your banner ads will help your brand image stick in viewers' minds.

  5. Enables you to measure the results. Technology can be used to measure Web user response to a banner campaign. For example, bCentral Banner Network allows you to log in to a Control Center to find out the number of visitors that came to your store through banners and analyze the effectiveness of your campaign. By tracking ad performance, you can determine which ads and ad placements pull the most customers to your Web store, and tweak your ads, offers, and media buys to improve your response rate.

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