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Introducing SMS Broadcasting
The initial use of Short Messaging Service (SMS) was for notifying a mobile user of voicemail. Soon after that, SMS evolved to become one of the most successful mediums for communication and a channel to provide value added services.

SMS broadcasting is the delivery of information to mobile phones via the Internet and SMS gateway. XGEN SMS Broadcasting is one of the most economical method of sending information to direct your clients, prospects, employees, or members' mobile phone in an instantaneous time frame.

XGEN Technologies Sdn Bhd unleashes the unlimited potential in leveraging on such a simple and advanced technology for governments, corporations, SOHO, SMI and for individual data users.

Feature Packed Service
At XGEN Technologies Sdn Bhd, we understand the technology of sms communications. Our servers and in-house developed SMS Application Software are designed to let you get your Short Messages out faster, easier and more completely, every time.

Our Web & HTTP API Application's features include:

  • Web Interface with personalised Login and Password
  • Send and receive SMS messages via a dedicated Message Center Number (MCN)
  • Personalization of Sender Name (e.g From YOURBRANDNAME instead of showing a 5 digit shortcode)
  • Personalized messaging interface (i.e. Company Name &/or Logos)
  • Computer / Web to Mobile capability
  • No hardware purchase necessary. All you need is your existing computer with Internet and Browsing capability
  • Global coverage - 364 mobile operators over 115 countries
  • Single & Mass broadcast function
  • Sub-Accounts Creation & Management
  • User controlled Credit Transfer capability
  • Contact list uploading & maintenance
  • Contact list grouping function
  • Real time logs of all sent SMS messages
  • The connection is secured by 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Fully customizable and scalable to requirements
  • Flat-rate charge to more than 90% of the world's mobile subscribers.
  • SMS sending feature can be easily adaptable and integrated to your existing web applications via our API
  • 24/7 send whenever you wish with 99.9% uptime

User Friendly, Fast & Prompt Service
We believe strongly in good customer service and as such guarantee prompt and immediate attention to your setup or support requirements. New accounts can be set up within a 24 hour working day period.

Database Protection Privacy Policy
All SMS databases uploaded or provided by clients under our care are used for each respective owner's needs only. Our strict company policy denies the usage of your databases by other customers which means you do not have to worry about competitors being able to tap onto your list of customers and pull away your sales.

E-Management & Reporting
XGEN SMS Broadcasting has management capabilities that make you more efficient. Online log files are kept for your perusal at an immediate or late date that will allow you to check on what messages you have sent thus improving your marketing or message dissemination capabilities.

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SMS Broadcasting

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