Why does your Company need Webpages ?

This must be the first and foremost, most posed question to Web Developers like ourselves by organisations who do not know anything about having their own set of Webpages on the Internet. Well, to cut things short, here are a couple of reasons as to why you should have your very own set of webpages for your Organisation / Company.

  • Gain Publicity - Your company can get noticed in a new manner. You can advertise on the internet for a whole year at a fraction of the cost of advertising in the newspapers for a single day. Most of all, it gives your company a 24-hours-per-day, 365-days-per-year global appearance.

  • Portray & Enhance Corporate Image - To create and portray a corporate image of your Organisation/Company to the general public who has access to the internet.

  • World Wide Audience Reach - By simply having a set of company webpages and enlisting in search engines, you have already created the ability for potential customers worldwide to learn about your company's products and services.

  • Online Catalogue - You can have an online catalogue with complete information and full-coloured pictures of your products or services. When you launch a new product, you can introduce it to your customers through your own Web site. By using the necessary presentation skills that combine sound, animation, text, graphics and video, you can impress your customers.

  • Enhance Customer Support - Enable Customers & General Public to provide you with feedback & queries with online forms. Let's say if a customer wants to know more about a certain product you are holding, he/she can always visit your Web site for the details. Your Web site serves exactly like a customer support counter. The only difference is, it is online 24 hours a day !

  • Attract Potential Partners & Markets - Being on the internet will allow Firms, foreign or domestic, that are looking for alliances or sales agents to spot your company through Internet. There is a great possibility for them to include the quality of your company Web site as an important determinant in choosing a suitable partner. Likewise, you can also impress your buyers with your website and you might receive an International Order as distance poses no boundaries over the internet.

  • Competitive Edge - Having a set of company webpages can help boost your company image and impress the General Public by showing them your company is moving ahead fast and keeping intuned with market developments.

  • Image Booster - Likewise, having your own e-mail address at yourname@yourcompany.com or yourname@yourcompany.com.my will definatly help boost your company & self-image.

  • Ability to provide Updated Information - In addition to the above points, frequent updates & news can be presented to the public via your webpages thus keeping your staff, clients, and business partners well informed of your latest happenings.

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