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  It's not just about designing a website...
    It's not just about marketing...
      It's about the whole package...
        Our specialty is determining the appropriate solutions for your business...

Our customized package combines professional marketing experience with custom website designs, marketing and promotions. We create high-quality projects in a timely effective manner.

Our team will determine the functionality required to achieve the website objectives and will recommend the best technology to execute it. The design and development is them carried out using the latest Internet development technology and programming style that puts usability and company branding ahead of all other factors.

Even if you already have a website, we can update it to meet the high standards of today's internet needs.

  • Our Design Concept

    We adapt a simple approach in designing our client's webpages. We like to be clear clean and precise when designing & developing webpages as we believe that anyone visiting webpages are there for a reason. By having clear and concise webpages, your web visitors are able to locate their information with much ease without any frustration involved. Our ability to design webpages with easy and clear cut navigation will also be an added bonus for visitors to your webpages.

  • Intellectual Property & Code Ownership

    The product, and all the relevant source code, is the intellectual property of the client. We take care to ensure that all the author and support information in the final product refers to the client. In addition, the source code is always supplied with the final release of the product, for no additional charge.

  • Our Team

    Here at XGEN Technologies, we have a multitude of talented personnel which are able to assit you and your company in achieving it's goals. We are very well rounded off with contacts in all aspects of WEB Publishing. Our Staffs are well versed in Programming Webpages both from WYSIWYG ready made programs and Plain Source Code Programming. Likewise this advantage is supplemented by our staffs who are also well versed in much of todays Industrial Grade Graphical Programs which will enable us to achieve any desired graphical effects you might want to add to your Webpages.

  • Free Website Awareness Promotion

    Just like running a backery, baking pasteries are only part of the business plan. If people do not know that your bakery exist, it doesn't matter how many different variety of cakes your company offers or how cheap they cost or how fantastic they taste ! What matters next is that people should know about your Bakery. And in this Respect... the more people, the merrier ! You need to constantly try to expand your Market Place and get new buyers interested in your pasteries & etc. Here's where we come in again. Not only do we help you bake your cake, we will also help you promote your website so that People will know about your lovely Cakes. And we promise that we won't take even a single bite out of them ! The Current Promotional Exercises carried out by us are:
    1. Free Search Engine Submission for our Design Clients
    2. Banner Exchanges among Malaysian & International Sites

  • Employing Innovative Technology

    As part of our strive to deliver the best Corporate Pages for our clients to be portrayed and presented to the General Public via the internet, we are always prepared to employ and apply the latest available technology to be used on the Internet. employs SHOCKWAVE TechnologyIn Addition to utilising a state of the art color measurement & control utility, we are also capable of producing websites which require SHOCKWAVE presence. Shockwave is a product of Macromedia which enables webpages to be turned into Interactive Sites, thus being able to churn out Multimedia Content in a dazzling display of Speed and Capability. We are proud to say that our staff is well versed in this program and will be able to create stunning website presentations or pages to your specifications and personalised liking.

How much will all this cost ?

The cost of having your own set of webpages on the internet is minimal as compared to advertising a single page on the local newspaper for a single day. For additional details kindly check with our Design Packages Section for "Preset Package Prices" or visit our Online Price Quotation Center to obtain "Instantaneous Online Quotation" based on your individual specific requirements. Likewise, please feel free to Contact Us for more information on the above services. We are always prepared to help you calculate your costs based on your requirements.

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