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Looking our for Free Cool Promotional Utilities? Well, you have surfed to the right place. We have a wide range of utlities and tools, majority of which is in-house developed. Do try out the utilities listed below and if you find them friendly and useful, do tell your friends about these great utilities ! Have fun and do come back for more as we try to expand out list of Free Utilities for you.

InfoGEN Search located at is an in-built web search engine incorporated into our partner site Get yourself listed today for FREE and see how big a difference it will make to your exposure.

Utilise this free resource to satisfy your needs and create greater exposure for your company, website and/or product. If you're looking for a CHEAP or FREE alternative to effectively send out an advertisement to the mass public via Webpage Banners on the Internet, then you have come to the right place. Enrollment is free so why don't you sign up today and try it out for yourself !

Register your Domain here !

Are you looking for a specific Domain Name for your Company or Personal usage ? If so then please feel free to utilise our utility here to see if the name you want is still available or not. Don't hessitate or you might loose your Domain Name to someone who is quicker and one step ahead of you.

Enter the Domain Name you would like to search or register
Searches for both Internic(International) and Mynic (Malaysian) Domain Names.

Use this Online Utility to create META Tags for your webpage(s). Just key in a few fields and the Coded Meta Tags will automatically be generated for you. All you have to do after that is just cut & paste the generated code onto your webpage(s). Yes, it's that simple ! Try it out for yourself !

We are proud to Introduce to your our very own Search Engine Submission Program that will help you submit your Website URL to many search engines within minutes including our very own InfoGEN Search. Just come on in and fill in a few blank fields and you're on your way to listing your URL to some of the more famous Search Engines Available Today !

You can utilise this utility to see where and how your page is ranked after you have submitted your site to major search engines. This utility will tell you how easy or hard it is for others to find your pages according to various keywords that you think people will use when trying to locate your pages on search engines.

Use the same proven concept and workings of direct multilevel marketing to promote your website. Come join us today and see how we can help you drive huge amounts of traffic to your Website through an unbelievably simple process. By just spending a few minutes of your precious time, you can drive up to 33,000 hits or more per day to your Website. This one is worth your few minutes and it's FREE !

Free Online Virus Scanning by Trend Micro, Anti-Virus

Bandwidth Testing Malaysia

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