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First, check out the sites in the box below. These are member sites which has participated in the program and can testify that this program truly works ! By visiting these sites, you will see why this program will work for you as well.

Visit them Today !

  1. Malaysia Community Website with information on pubs, restaurants & businesses in Bangsar
  2. - Your Malaysian Portal
  3. Free Utilities, Tools and Scripts - XGEN Technologies
  4. Meta Tag Generator for your webpage - XGEN Technologies
  5. XGEN Technologies Sdn Bhd (Malaysia) - Banner Advertisement
  6. Auto URL search engine submission Script (XGENSUBMIT) by XGEN Technologies

INSTRUCTIONS on how to get at least 33,000 Hits a day!

  • When you sign up, you will receive your own page just like this one. It will have your link and its description in position #1.In position #2 will be the link that is now in position #1 on this page. All other links are moved down as well and the one in #6 is dropped.

  • When people visit your page and sign up, they too will get a new page. And your link will be copied onto their page. Their page will have their link in position #1 and your link in position #2. And when people come to the pages created by the people who came to your page, your link goes to position #3, etc..

  • Of course the next step is to get visitors to your new "33,000 Hits a day" page. As a result, we recommend that you utilise our Auto URL Submission program to submit your Website Address to major search engines.

To prove that this program works, lets do some very conservative mathematics and assume that once your page is installed and promoted you only generates a total of 20 sign ups.
Pages with your link!
1. 20 people visit your page and get their own page 20
2. These 20 pages each produce 20 sign ups producing 20 x 20 pages = 400 pages 400
3. These 400 pages each produce 20 sign ups each, producing 400 x 20 = 8000 pages 8000
4. These 8000 pages each produce 15 sign ups producing 8000 x 20 = 160,000 pages 160,000
5. These 160,000 pages each produce 20 sign ups producing 160,000 x 20 = 3,200,000 pages 3,200,000
Total pages with your link: 3,368,420
Of these 3,368,420 pages with your link we will assume 1% of their visitors will actually click on your link and visit your page. That's 33,684 hits a day!. Additionally every page is generated by our script which means that the rotation and placement of your link is 100% accurate and cannot be removed or dropped prior to its natural demise.

Sign up simply consist of your URL and your web site description..Your page will be generated immediately and then you can go on to our installation and free promotional pages.

You should also appreciate the fact that there is no upper limit to the number of hits you can get, because you can keep your page for as long as you want and it in turn will generate more than the stipulated signup figure of 20.

Also, after you have installed your page, there is no more work involved. Just let this system run by itself and it will give you 33,000 hits a day or more.

Good Luck and make sure you place your generated page at a visible and easy to reach area so that people can join and make this program work!

Please be sure to visit the above links before you sign up!

Ready?.. Go for it!! there is nothing to lose and fantastic traffic to gain!
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